Preparing Your Teen

So how can you tell when your teen has had enough practice in different settings? You can use this tool to help keep track of your teen’s progress. The worksheet lists 32 driving situations, starting with easy things like driving in good weather, and working up to harder situations like heavy traffic, driving in an unfamiliar place, or driving in heavy rain. For each situation, rate how comfortable you would be with your teen driving *without you in the car*. Ratings range from ‘not at all comfortable’ to ‘very comfortable.’

For example, when thinking about your teen driving without you in the car, you might give a score of 2 for “drive in light rain.” For any situations where you don’t feel very comfortable—a score less than 4—then your teen might not be ready to drive on their own in that situation. Even if they’ve had their permit 12 months and completed all the required hours of practice, they may need more practice in that setting.

We suggest doing this worksheet several times over the course of the next year. It will help you identify where your teen may still need more practice. It’s especially important to fill out the worksheet as your teen nears the time when he or she is eligible for a license. The worksheet can help you know whether your teen is ready to drive unsupervised.